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Dog Training with a difference.

Emotions come first in my methods, I don’t suppress behaviours, I fix your dogs mental and emotional state.

Results happen over time, NOT overnight. Hard work, the right education, consistent efforts and patience is the key to a well behaved dog… And of course, having a great trainer in your back pocket too! 😉

Jersey Canine Academy Dog Training

the simple secret sauce.

(that no one else is talking about)


A dog who isn’t motivated to work with you, is a training disaster. Which is why I help owners build solid foundations with their dogs before we kick-off the training!


Dogs are smart, but in order for them to truly understand what we want of them, it’s our job to make learning easy and help them generalise each specific behaviour to be successful.



The most important part of training and often the part that’s forgotten. Practice and proofing each new behaviour or command in new environments.

Jersey Canine Academy Dog Training

Meet your trainer.

Hey, I’m Lauren.

Dog trainer, Collie mum and caffine addict. Educating pet dog parents how to better understand their four-legged family members emotional needs, through simple, fun and effective force-free training methods is my love language.

I believe their is no bad dog or bad behaviour. Instead, your dogs actions are simply a by-product of how they are feeling. Calmness, brings clarity and good choices. However, if your dog is stressed, anxious, frustrated or over aroused, that’s when we experience nuance behaviours. You know the ones I’m talking about!

Instead of focusing on what you don’t want your dog doing, let’s focus on fixing their mental wellbeing, through good nutrition, mental stimulation, physical exercise and natural enrichment. Along side teaching and proofing the behaviours we do want using positive reinforcement, because that’s when training becomes fun and easy.

You CAN and WILL have the perfect canine companion and I’m here to help you achieve it.

Popular Packages

1:1 Behaviour Modification

This package is perfect for reactive, anxious or fear-aggressive dogs. This program offers 10-12 sessions that focus on desensitisation, +R counter conditioning and LAT training to change your dogs C.E.M (conditioned emotional response) from negative to positive.

Doggy Deep Dive

New puppy, first time dog owner or looking to widen your knowledge to help you live in harmony with your pouch, this package is for you. Focusing on mental health, wellbeing, nutrition, mental stimulation and physical exercise specific to your dog. This tailored 2 hour session can be in person or online, plus 3 weeks of additional 1:1 support.

Recall & Leash Walking

Does your dog pull you down the street? Feel like your dog is walking you, rather than the other way around? OR maybe walks are a breeze but under no circumstances do you trust your dog off leash? If this is you, this package is your golden ticket to an easy walk in the park. Whether it’s on the leash or off.

Behaviours I can help you with…

Leash Walking



Separation Anxiety

Potty Training

Puppy Biting


Resource Guarding



Attention Seeking


Jersey Canine Academy Dog Training

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