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“It’s not about being the most exciting thing in the enviourment. It’s about being the most valuable thing in your dogs life. If you let me, I’ll show you how to acheive it.”

Popular Packages

1:1 Behaviour Modification

This package is perfect for reactive, anxious or fear-aggressive dogs. This program offers 10-12 sessions that focus on desensitisation, +R counter conditioning and LAT training to change your dogs C.E.M (conditioned emotional response) from negative to positive.

Doggy Deep Dive

New puppy, first time dog owner or looking to widen your knowledge to help you live in harmony with your pouch, this package is for you. Focusing on mental health, wellbeing, nutrition, mental stimulation and physical exercise specific to your dog. This tailored 2 hour session can be in person or online, plus 3 weeks of additional 1:1 support.

Recall & Leash Walking

Does your dog pull you down the street? Feel like your dog is walking you, rather than the other way around? OR maybe walks are a breeze but under no circumstances do you trust your dog off leash? If this is you, this package is your golden ticket to an easy walk in the park. Whether it’s on the leash or off.


The perfect puppy program, covering all of the basics such as recall, LLW, breed specific games, prevention of biting & jumping, greeting guests and the calm protocol teaching your dog how to relax, both inside and outside of the house.

{Number of sessions: 8}


Ready to unlock your dogs fullest potential both on and off the leash. This 1:1 program will teach you how to train a reliable recall to your dog around their biggest distractions and/or have them walking nicely on a lead right. by your side.

{Number of sessions: 6}


This 4 month program focuses on helping your dog overcome their fears, anxiety or over-excited behaviours. Learn how to effectively teach your dog how to self-regular around their triggers and tune into you rather than competing motivators.

{Number of sessions: 10-12}


This package is for you if you’re looking to teach your dog to track or retrieve items. These simple, yet effective games can get you working with your dogs natural instincts rather than against them.

{Number of sessions: 1-3}

Jersey Canine Academy Dog Training


Tailored to you and your dog, the doggy deep dive can be either 1 or 2 hours, depending on your needs. In these personalaised intimate sessions, we cover anything you want a better understanding of.

{Number of sessions: 1}


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